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God, Help Me To Know the Right Man

Condensed Version of "God How Do I Know the Right Man for Me?" and "How Long Do I Have to Wait?"  ***Download a FREE eBOOK SAMPLE or PURCHASE the new Condensed Version!***



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God, How Do I Know The Right Man For Me?

God, How Do I Know The Right Man For Me? and How Long Do I Have To Wait?  Paperback Original Version  Available at Barnes and $15.49

This book not only helps women to detect the right man from the wrong one, but also understand why they are alone. Designed to help a woman embrace God's plan for her life and written in a repetitious pattern to enforce learning. For an added bonus scriptures, poetry and space is provided to take notes. Diane L. Jackson's God, How Do I Know the Right Man for Me?, encourages the heart and enlightens the mind.  Readers have said, they keep it next to their bed to help them get through lonely nights.

Original Version Available @ Barnes and Noble

"This book is filled with God-inspired wisdom and guidance."       -R. Bailey


"I keep this book on my nightstand as an encouragement to get through trying times."      -A. Poe


"True to life writing people can relate to pertaining to daily living."    -P. Sterling.


"This book is a great reflection of God's true word.  A great help to my unmarried friends."     -S. Rophe


"The feelings expressed through the author could benefit my relationships in the long run."     - L. Rogers


 "I don't have a lot of time to read. The condensed version was perfect and gave me answers I needed." Woman on the go





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                        Available Soon 


How to Create a Better ME and Know the Right Mate

This workbook is great for personal use or seminars. It encourages readers to hope and rethink their decisions. Using godly principles it can help you restructure and improve the quality of your life. You will also be challenged to set and reach goals while seeking your purpose and destiny.


Create A Better Me Part 2

The information encourages readers to follow their dreams.  Gives space to keep track of progress.  


 When Blood Cries Men Fail  CD Available Soon 

 A frank and casual discussion giving natural and spiritual reasons some men consistently experience failure.  


The Marriage Questionnaire Paperback  A biblically based book that gives insight concerning marriage.  It has over 100 questions to help engaged couples make informed decisions before getting married and can help enhance the relationship of married couples as well.  Very informative, but should not be substituted for counseling.

God, Help Me to Know the Right Man for Me 

The condensed paperback version of God, How Do I Know the Right Man for Me? 





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