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This is it!

We are living in an exciting time. God is taking us into a new dimension and preparing people to fulfill their purpose and destiny. You have to let go of things that are not naturally or spiritually beneficial. This is also a year of turn around. Be wise and make it a priority to examine yourself and be willing to perfect areas in your life that are weak. This is not the time to let depression or weariness get the best of you. This is a year of manifestation and change. We will see scriptures like, "what the devil meant for evil, God will turn around for your good" come alive in our life. Expect to come across new ideas, at the same time, finish projects you did not complete. Let God do a work in you. Let go of bitterness, anger and unforgivingness. Nothing can stop you, but you. Focus and Prepare...Prepare...Prepare!

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