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God is doing a new thing in marriages He ordained. Couples are about to be shifted into divine purpose. This is not the time to focus on petty differences, pursue His purpose for your union instead. Remember the saying "the family that prays together stays together". The human race is a family.

We're colored in different hues that reflect God's delight in variety. We need to take our focus off of the color of skin and pray God's will is done. Ask Him to reveal the power of two and agreement Ecclesiastes 4:9-12. It won't be long before you see that the two of you have grace to make a significant difference in the affairs of the world. This is because two people that pray together and agree, have more power than a person that prays alone. Have you heard the saying that "The family that prays together stays together." Your union will become a priority on heaven's roster. Because when you take care of God's business He will certainly take care yours. Prayer is simply inviting God, Almighty to get involved and make things that are wrong, right. I challenge you to let God prove His power through you.

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