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Prosperity Preaching Part 2

One pastor expressed his opinion concerning giving and it started controversy all over the internet. Now the priority needs to shift from who is right or wrong, to getting along ins spite of differences. its important that the Body of Christ does not get divided and God ordained relationships remain in tact. Dilemmas like this would not occur, if believers would grow up. By that i mean, every believer needs to develop a personal relationship with the Heavenly Father, so He can prompt "each of us" concerning our giving. There was a time when believers cashed their check and asked God what they were supposed to give as an offering. Because the church was a priority its needs and the needs of the people were met. Since giving is a part of worship, There is no reason not to prepare your offering ahead of time.God wants you to take time to become familiar with His voice and the way He communicates with you an individual. It is also important not to follow tradition, but to acknowledge God in everything, especially your giving. Think of the Holy Spirit as your financial advisor. His instructions will cause you to plant your seed where it will yield a harvest and do the most good. Since obedience is better than sacrifice, don't let people that follow tradition make you feel condemned, by your convictions. if someone wants to raise an extra offering, but God is not pressing on your spirit to give, all is well, because He already told you what He expected. In spite of differences in opinion the church's concern should be walking in love, obeying God's voice and the winning of souls. Hear God's voice and be lead by the Holy Spirit. Do what He tells you to do, and give what He tells you to give. Its not the amount, its the obedience God is looking for. He's preparing a people who are sensitive to His Spirit and are confident to know when they hear His voice, they listen. He is raising up people He can use.

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