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Prayer for Men

After God created the planet, He created man and entrusted earth's care into his hands. Men are chosen to be the head intercessors and stewards over the Creator's handiwork.  They   have a supernatural ability to pray God's will into the atmosphere. Unfortunately, after the fall, temptation caused division between woman and man.  His work was no longer fruitful, which took a toll on his self-esteem. Disobedience had a high price to pay back then and still does now.  The good news is that God is a forgiving God and stands ready to forgive his sons and help them overcome oppositions that they face. Once men learn the importance of repenting and necessity to depend on the lead of the Holy Spirit; then they will overcome their sin, fear and lust. Destiny is calling men name by name to become the man God created them to be. Those who answer will no longer desire to imitate or reflect the image of the adversary of their soul. They will rise from the ashes left from their sins. Not by their power, nor by their own might , but by the power of all mighty God.  Earth is in travail awaiting the arrival of the Sons of God.


If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1;9

Church Etiquette for Husbands and Wives

Don't be the one used to give your mate a reason or excuse not to come to church. Married couples must be mindful of their facial expressions or actions during a service. The last thing you want to do, is embarrass or make your mate feel uncomfortable when a message hits what goes on in your home. Those "I told you so" stares and glares have a price. Let church be a safety zone. The one place where both of you can come to worship God, learn how to love, forgive and be empowered to move forward into a better place that secures your position to fulfill God's purpose for your union. 

Prayer for Marriage

When a man's ways please God, He opens his eyes to see a woman chosen to cross his path. They are attracted to one another, fall in love, make vows to be faithful and decide to build a life together. Couples that represent God ordained marriages have grace to be used to express His love, mercy and compassion. Not just toward each other, but the world.  Each couple has a specific assignment and work of service to perform. Most are so infatuated with the idea of being in love, they don't know or try to find out the rank of the service that fulfills God's ultimate purpose to make the world a better place. Distractions come in the form of arguments, disagreements, fighting, disappointment and pain, to execute spiritual abortions to destroy God ordained relationships. Couples point the finger of blame toward one another, the other woman or man, instead of the spirit they cannot see that comes to kill their love and destroy the relationship. if you are contemplating getting a divorce, seek God's will before using it as a resolve because in most cases ... God hates divorce.  Malachi 2:16. 
Prayer for the Gift of Salvation

The gift of salvation isn't hard to understand. Jesus paid the penalty for our sins. ​ We are imperfect beings, born into an imperfect world. Subjected to multiple obstacles and temptations  as we travel life's road. God knows our shortcomings even before we are ready to admit them ourselves. We must be willingly go to him with a open and sincere heart, and receive the gift of salvation, given to us by shedding of the blood of  God's son, Jesus Christ. 

Woman's Agreement

God will give his people strength and he will bless his people with peace. (Psalms 29:11)


God's placed strong enmity between Satan and women. Regardless of the trials and tribulations God will always prove stronger than the opposing forces they face.

 Be Encouraged

 its so easy to become discouraged, especially in times like these. Let's face it, life can take us to places we'd rather not go. God allows us to face challenges purposed to stretch and try our faith. They launch us out of our comfort zone. Into a place where we have no other choice other than to depend on the Heavenly Father. It doesn't always feel good, but helps us mature in Godly standards. its an humbling experience that challenges us to change. you have to take on a "well God knows mentality". You have entered into a season to have confidence in God's ability to turn our circumstances around. its time to trust Him to keep His word to make all things work together for your good.

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