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God wants to heal your marriage using 7 steps

Marriage is holy. Marriage is honorable. Marriage is beautiful. God created this particular union to be a viable resource, where a man and woman can experience the power of unconditional love. Because God is love and marriage is a resource of His love, you have to dedicate your relationship to Him. If your marriage is less than satisfying, a husband and wife must conclude that they need help from a source that is greater than themselves. If you've done all that you know, why not give God a chance to do what you have not been able to do. 1. Come under the umbrella of His protection by dedicating your heart and marriage to the Creator. 2. Ask Him to heal your heart. 3. Stop competing. Give up your right to be right. Marriages suffer when one or both partners always want to have their way. Earn the lesson life is teaching. You need to trust God to fix your marriage. 4. Don't try to fix your mate. Changing mindsets, habits, as well as, fixing broken hearts is the Creator's responsibility. Only God can enlighten the eyes of a person's understanding. Troubled marriages involve two people with heart conditions. 5. Be willing to go through a spiritual cleansing. A process that gives God opportunity to purify your heart. 6. Both partners need to agree that a clean heart is necessary to turn the marriage around. Then it can surpass potential and become as God intended. However, it is conditional. You have to bury the past. 7. Assist in the healing process by following through on whatever idea or thought the Holy Spirit places on your heart to do. Place your confidence in God and expect Him to do the rest.

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